When it comes to gift giving, the easiest way to choose what the couple needs is to stick to the registry. However, what happens in the case that they haven’t created one because one or both already own a home or this is a second marriage? Should you just give them a monetary gift or can you still give them something they may not already have?

These days, more and more singles have their own homes before marriage or kept their home if their first marriage didn’t work out. In these cases, it is unlikely that the couple will ask for items that are typical to a wedding registry, if they register at all! Some wedding guests do not feel comfortable with just giving money and would like their contribution to be a physical gift that the couple can use. What do you give someone that seems to already have it all? Here are a few ideas that will spark your creativity!

High end Linens and Bath Towels

It may sound akin to getting socks for Christmas, but the reality is that everyone needs socks! When the couple first got together, they may have not been able to afford a higher quality linen that the one they currently use. If you frequent their home or future home, you may even be able to get some in their colour scheme. Fresh new towels are practical and it’s always good to upgrade what you are currently using as a change for their new life together.


Chances are, if the couple is stressing about their already existing mortgage and wedding costs, they may need to postpone their honeymoon. Gather a few friends that are attending the wedding and buy them a vacation or weekend trip. Use your detective skills to find out their work schedules to be able to pick what is right for them. If they love wine, plan a weekend at a winery. If they are available to take a week off, find a good all-inclusive destination they can relax together at. If you are in love with this idea, but don’t want to get them the wrong vacation, buy them a travel voucher or gift card and they can plan it themselves.


Pay For Their Wedding

We obviously don’t mean for the whole thing. If you still don’t want to put money in an envelope but cannot see yourself giving them a physical gift, reach out to the Bride and Groom and offer to pay for a portion of their wedding. You can tell them that you and your plus one will be each offering $100 towards the service of their choice. Many couples pay for the wedding out of their own pockets and have to cut out things they feel would make their wedding amazing just because they can’t afford it. Maybe your contribution will allow them to have a photo booth or an additional late night buffet?

the-ball-stadion-football-the-pitch-39562Concerts & Events

A unique gift for the newly wedded couple is an exciting “100s section”, right in the action pair of tickets. Find out what sport they enjoy watching and enlist some friends to pitch in for a group gift. If sports are not their thing, there are tickets to concerts, theatrical shows and higher end “tourist” experiences you could buy for them.

Gifts towards a new couple’s life together should be fun, personal and thoughtful. It may be just a matter of doing some research or even asking them what they would like. Don’t be shy! Know that whatever you do decide, they will love and appreciate it because of who gave it.

by Ashley Victoria Guy

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