It’s an incredible honour to be asked to be the best man at a wedding. Sending someone off into a new chapter of life, all the while being their right-hand support, can be quite daunting. While there are many perks – like planning the bachelor party – there is also a great responsibility involved in the position. Simply showing up on the wedding day really won’t do, and it’s always good to remember a few tidbits to make sure you’re being the best best man you can possibly be!



Your outfit choice will likely depend on the bride and groom’s decisions, but no matter what you’re required to wear it’s always important to look fresh and neat. If you plan on getting a haircut, do it a few days before the wedding. If you need to shave, the morning of. Make sure your suit is crisp and clean with everything tucked in the right places.


Making sure to stay positive and stress-free is key. Both the bride and groom will likely be running around like chickens with their heads cut off, stressing about what is and isn’t going right at the wedding, and it’s your job to keep everyone calm and relaxed. If the groom is getting cold feet, you’re there to support him. If one of the groomsmen is missing his tie, you send out a search party to find it. Being a problem-solver with a calm and collected attitude is your main duty as a best man, so own it.


Saying hello to everyone you can, planning a special present for the happy couple, giving an astounding speech at the reception, all of these and more are included in proper etiquette for the best man. Being chosen is an honor in itself, and this honour should be handled with great respect and enthusiasm. Make sure to show the groom how great of a choice he made by performing your duties with grace and style.

Last Tidbit of Advice

Keep on your toes and stay positive!


by Stefanie Cimini


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