You’ve heard the age-old adage of how a bride should do her makeup – clean, pretty, and natural – but with such an influx of creativity for the modern wedding, it’s no longer necessary to stick to the same traditions. From beach venues to vintage ceremonies, it’s now totally acceptable to let your makeup take some risks along with your wedding. Just make sure to test out the looks beforehand! You can book a consultation with a make-up artist or attend local events that provide makeup demos as part of their activities, such as the Beauty, Bling, and Bubbly Networking Event in Toronto. Check out the following ideas to get yourself inspired.

1920s collage landscapeFor a vintage wedding…

It’s all about old-style glamour. Think: Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, etc. If you’re a big glamour buff, you can go all out with dramatic falsies and rich red lipstick, but if you’re looking to remain a bit more understated just stick to the Audrey-esque doe eyes. It’s a timeless look that never seems to go out of style, just like our 1920’s Glam shoot.

SECRET WEAPON: False lashes (the intensity is entirely up to you).

For a beach wedding…

Minimalism is key here. Since you’ll likely be out in the sun all day, SPF is super important. You’ll want to give off an ethereal glow with the sunlight, so keep your focus on sun-kissed and dewy skin (this means putting more emphasis on your skincare regimen leading up to the wedding than the actual makeup). Incorporating peachy-pink shades on your eyes and cheeks will add a radiant touch.


For a rustic wedding…

You want to have a makeup look that’s as earthy and grounded as you are. Browns, mauves, and smouldering greys will really bring out the woodsy theme and will keep things simple and universally flattering at the same time. A soft smoky eye with a muted lip colour can really make your features pop without making you look tired or worn out, just make sure you find the proper shades for your skintone.

SECRET WEAPON: Earthy shadow (e.g. brown, grey, green, burgundy).

IMG_8548withoutMATTEfinishSMALLFor a fairytale wedding…

Delicate and pretty are the buzz words here. Maybe you’re a girly-girl at heart, maybe you’ve always dreamed of feeling like a Disney princess on your wedding day, but regardless you’ll likely want to look and feel as pampered as humanly possible – like a princess! Pinks and champagnes are your best friend as far as colours go, and make sure to keep your make-up light and fresh (think pinched cheeks and bright eyes).

SECRET WEAPON: Blush and highlight.

For a classic wedding…

You’re an old soul, or maybe more concerned about keeping familial traditions alive than throwing a flashy modern wedding. When it comes to wedding makeup, let Kate Middleton act as your inspiration: neutralized kohl-lined eyes, clean porcelain skin, and a simple lip (can you believe she did her own wedding makeup?!). Neutral and classy, not flashy, is the key here.

SECRET WEAPON: Smudge-proof eyeliner.

If you were interested in attending the Beauty, Bling, and Bubbly Networking Event in Toronto (and testing out some makeup looks of your own), you can buy tickets for just $10 a person at

by Stefanie Cimini


Hair & Makeup: Katerina Rapoport Inc.

Photography: Carmela Sagula

Headpieces: Ilieana George Couture

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