We understand – not every Bride is an expert planner or a Type A Personality. Wedding planning takes a lot of work and can easily consume you. The key is to stay on top of it from the start so that you don’t lose sleep closer to the day. Here are our 5 tried and true tips to help stay organized during the wedding planning process.

photo-1435527173128-983b87201f4d1. Have a Plan

This can either come from a physical planner that you have bought, an online checklist or from your wedding planner. Having things laid out for you on a schedule makes the planning process easier. While normal calendars can do just fine, there are many wedding specific planners and agendas which make planning simple. You can find these on Amazon or at Chapters/Indigo stores. We like The Bride’s Essential Wedding Planner: Deluxe Edition.

2. Keep All Wedding Things Together

Find a bin, basket, drawer, desk or corner in your home to store all wedding items. Storing your planning agenda with wedding magazines, colour swatches, and paperwork in one place is a great way to stay organized. You are less likely to lose anything and your house will not be scattered with wedding items.

3. Schedule Planning Time

Just like preparing for a big presentation at work, wedding planning is a major time commitment. Be sure to schedule wedding planning sessions into your planner and stick to them. If you treat wedding planning like work you will be more motivated to complete tasks.

photo-1458945037814-389ec6994cbd4. Reward Yourself

Give yourself some little treats after your planning sessions. For example, if you’ve just assembled 150 guest favours give yourself a nice glass of wine or a slice of cake (in moderation!). These tasks might not be the most exciting but little rewards can give you some motivation.

5. Use Your Checklist

Even though you may have found a really great checklist in a magazine, online or through your wedding planner, if you don’t use it then what’s the post? Be sure to actually stick the guidelines it provides you so that you don’t fall behind and check things off as you complete them. Items that you need to book in advance include venue, officiant, DJ, transportation, flowers, decor, dress, invitation, hair and makeup and more! Some of these have absolute deadlines where you won’t be getting the best quality or price if you miss the due date.

Follow these tips and you should be well on your should help keep you organized. Happy wedding planning!

by Brittany McGourlay

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