Planning a wedding can be very stressful, especially if you haven’t asked for help. Luckily, technology has come so far that we have instant access to millions of pictures, ideas, people and apps! It’s easy to drive yourself crazy trying to remember what you loved and where you saw it, so having tools to organize your “bride brain” will help keep everything sorted out and keep your stress level down.

macbook-926425_1920Since most people have a smartphone these days, apps are popping up for every little thing. Wedding planning is one of those things! Check out the apps below – they might just help you in ways you didn’t know you needed them to.

Wedding Planning Complete

Keeping track of budget spending and seating arrangements gets pretty simple with this app. Instead of carrying around a bulky book, everything is in the palm of your hand. From seating charts to an RSVP tracker and guest list, tools are all in one place.

2life Wedding Planning for Engaged Couples

Instead putting your plans into your wedding agenda by yourself, this app helps get your fiancé(e) involved in the process. Both of you can connect and keep track of vendor meetings and important dates. Add and share pictures of everything and anything you think could help make your day so you can discuss it later!

organizer-791939_1920Wedding Happy

This little tool builds you a customized schedule complete with a to-do list and suggested time frames. It’s a mini reminder to get all your important dates down and make sure planning is on track!


by Bianca Guarnaccia

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