Congratulations, you are married. You have survived the wedding planning process and execution of one of the biggest events in your life. It’s now time to relax and breathe as you and your spouse get to spend some well-deserved time together. However, the fun isn’t over just yet! There are still a few more things that you get to do while starting your marital bliss.


If you have decided to take your honeymoon right after you get married, then you probably are already packed and ready to go or are frantically stuffing items last minute into your suitcase. Enjoy every minute of your romantic getaway as for most, this is the first time you truly alone together with nothing better to do than relax on a beach. For those who have planned on postponing their honeymoon, maybe because of finances or work, make sure you still have that much needed alone time together. Unplug from the world for a weekend and start getting a glimpse of what living with this other human being really is going to be like. It’s said that the first 3-6 months after getting married, depending on how long you’ve been together, really shapes who you are going to be as a couple. Family and friends may want to get together right away and see your new place or congratulate you again but remember that now you are each other’s priority so they can wait.

Wedding Presents

Some couples do not have a gift registry and so this step may involve opening envelopes, tracking the money and who gave it and making a deposit into your (joint?) bank account. For those that opted to have a registry, this is the perfect time to open those gifts together, again making sure to track who gave what (which will help in the next step!) and deciding what you want to keep or exchange. If you received a gift from someone that you really don’t feel you will use in your married life, consider exchanging it for something that you will. If you think the person may be offended, just imagine how much harder it would be to explain when they see the unopened box holding the 5th toaster you received in your storage room.

photo-1459347003562-525a24ac80a6Thank Your Guests

The standard time to write and send thank you cards is no longer than three months after your wedding. Any longer and the guests may wonder if you received their gift at all! This can be fun to do together while watching your favourite television show or after having breakfast in bed. Tying up the last details of thanking your guests for the presents they bestowed upon you for your married life can bring you closer as a couple as it is the last “to-do” on most wedding planning checklists. In your thank you cards, make sure to include the person’s name or names that gave you the gift, how much you appreciate it, and specifically what you are going to use it for in the future. For example, if the guest gave you a serving tray, let them know that you and your spouse can’t wait to have them over for a dinner date and use their gift.

Finally, remember that you are now married and in everything together. Take the time to enjoy each other’s love and company. After the wedding if over, it is not the ending of an event but the beginning of a new journey. It may sound cheesy but its true when it’s said, “this is the beginning of the rest of our lives.” Enjoy!

by Sarah Zoschke

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