Congratulations, You’re engaged!… and all the initial excitement of telling everyone and showing off your new bling has started to settle, and now its time for you to plan a wedding. Wedding Show season has just begun, and attending wedding shows is an incredible way of starting the wedding planning process, with amazing vendors showcasing their work and a fun day out with your girls.

But what can you expect from your first show?

The Wedding Planner Mag Girls set out to Canada’s Wedding Show to experience a wedding show first hand,  and created our tips and tricks of making it a super exciting and productive day!

Create a Wedding Email Address

At Bridal Shows you will be giving out your email for wedding promotions all day long, and those emails add up. So, instead of getting your personal inbox completely full with wedding information, create a wedding email for all things to be sent to, so you can easily sift through them and everything will then be in one location! So, before you head to a show or to meet with any vendors, make sure to create a wedding email address.

It’s Going to Be Overwhelming

Wedding Shows are all about the WOW factor! As soon as you step in the doors, there are drippings of diamonds, floral walls, music blasting, tastings, and vendors everywhere stopping to talk to you. If you have this in mind and are prepared for it, the sights quickly change from being overwhelming to simply magical.









Make a Day Out of It

Some of the best things we saw at the Wedding show were Bridal Parties making the Wedding Show into a girls day out. Start out the day with Brunch and mimosas, grab a latte and girl talk all day long.

Decide as a group  to give up your whole day so you are not limited on the amount of time you have there, this takes the pressure off and allows you to just enjoy your time together! Make sure to take a ton of pictures as a bridal tribe with the incredible displays, maybe even use this day to create your wedding hash tag and start posting photos with it!

Lastly, try everything! There are so many things pulling for your attention so why not try them?

Know What You are Looking For

We found it super helpful to have sat down and figured out what we were looking for and what wedding vendors need to be booked still.

If you are completely starting from scratch with no wedding plans, then take a walk around and look at the key things first, such as venue, catering, photographers.

If you have already started the planning process, then make a list of the vendors you are still seeking and then go to those booths first!


 Be sure to bring your friends, together you all will have a fabulous time! – Sarah Zoschke Head Writer – The Wedding Planner Magazine                                                               

How to Dress

 This day is all about meeting in the middle of practical and fun. We suggest comfy shoes, it’s a lot of walking around and you will be thankful you didn’t wear your most stylish and uncomfortable heels!

 If you are coming with your bridal party or your mom, create some wedding t-shirts with your titles or sashes and tiaras and take endless amounts of photos with the backdrops.

Don’t forget to pack water bottles and little snacks for the day to nibble on so no-one gets hangry!


Enter all the Contests

Life seems to have endless Draws and Contests and we can get it in our head that no-one actually wins them. But for your one day at a Bridal Show, get that logic out of your head because you actually could win, and win BIG!

It seems that every vendor has their own special contest as well as the entire show often has huge giveaways such as ‘WIN A 50,000 WEDDING!’ Our experience has led us to so many brides who have won these draws and are so thankful they took the moment to fill out the ballots – who doesn’t want to win a brand new designer dress or even better, an entirely paid wedding!?

Don’t Be Afraid to say NO!

Bridal Shows have a large amount of people vying for your attention and so it is important that you aren’t afraid to say NO. It’s impossible to hire every vendor for your wedding and some products might not be your style and that is totally okay!

However, try everything out at the show! Give the vendors a chance, because they might have a brand new product that would totally suit you and your wedding!

p.s. If there is a Bridal Fashion Show, DO NOT MISS IT. They are the most fun part of the day, so we suggest going to find a seat early!









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