Wedding veils are on the more traditional side of things in this day and age, but what if there were some unconventional veils – perhaps with a twist? Here are some fabulous options we scoped out for you to consider!

wpm_stylized_shoot_1920s_photo_shoot_50Juliet Cap

If you are the Bohemian type of Bride, then the Juliet Cap is something you may contemplate. Essentially, you can take some lace, netting, or perhaps even beaded tulle and wear it like a cap. It gets carefully pinned at the sides with decorative pins or combs and with a pretty bloom on the side.

Bandeau Veil

Much more contemporary, the Bandeau Veil gives off intrigue and sensuality and is very simple. Be sure to consider wearing minimal eye makeup since this particular veil goes straight across your eyes, brows and nose bridge. One other thing to note as well is to ensure that this veil doesn’t overpower your gown since it’s very fashion forward.

Drop Veil

This pretty veil has a trick to it. An illusion comb is carefully stitched in with invisible thread so that the veil lies flat on your head, usually near the crown. This allows the veil to somewhat “float” on your head. To add some drama, consider a jewelled headpiece that wraps around it or even a floral crown for a Boho Bride.

wpm_stylized_shoots_emerald_49Cage Veil

If you are a vintage bride, then this is the veil for you. This lovely veil dates back to the 1940’s and it’s popularity has returned! There are many different designs so keep note of the fact there is no “standard size” per se. Try to refrain from exceeding 9 inches in the length of the veil as it might come into contact with your lipstick! Try to place it off to the side and have it drape diagonally across your face.

Cathedral Veil

Going back to tradition, the Cathedral Veil is a staple. You can wear it with or without a blusher veil and, depending on the length, you can have it placed further back on your head. This veil is a crowd pleaser and will give off a regal and classic feel for your bridal look.

The options are endless when it comes to veils. Be sure to find something that not only suits your personality but goes well with your dress, complimenting your ensemble.

PHOTO CREDITS: Emerald, 1920s Glam

by Ashley Victoria Guy

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