As a soon-to-be bride, you have a vision in your head of what you’ll look like on your wedding day. Perfect hair, glowing skin, toned body, white teeth – and this is all possible, so don’t panic! However, there are a few major beauty don’ts that every bride should avoid in the weeks before her wedding!

Drastic Hair Cut or Colour

With every new cut, your hair changes its texture and styling techniques. Many brides who do this don’t consider how the new cut will or won’t look with her wedding gown’s neckline or her accessories for the day. For the most part, hair consultations start about three months before the big day – your style should stay the same throughout, though little trims to keep the ends fresh are image 1 prgh 1fine. The same goes for a new colour – once it oxidizes, you may not like the way it looks with your dress or skin tone.  The best colourists need a week to make changes to your hair, and waiting until the last minute could be terrible for you and your hair. If you really want to freshen it up, get a gloss or shine put on your strands.

Faux Tans

It sounds like a great idea – until the colour you get sprayed on doesn’t match your skin tone, is too orange or is applied unevenly. If you must get a pre-wedding glow, be sure to exfoliate well beforehand and then get an expert to apply it to ensure it’s not over- or underdone!

New Skin Care Products

image 3 prgh 3The last thing you want is to wake up with a breakout – no matter how small it is, you will see it and be mortified. Unless you are planning on changing a few months in advance so your skin can adjust, stick to the ones you are using. Trying to deal with dryness, oilyness or even an allergic reaction a week before you say “I do”? Not a good plan!

Caffeine or Alcohol Increase

Yes, you will need the energy to keep going and going, so caffeine in the form of coffee or even energy drinks can be a temporary fix. With your wedding so close, high stress levelsimage 4 prgh 4 are a given – and you don’t want to put your nervous system into overdrive! Caffeine is also very dehydrating and can cause bridal beauty issues like dark circles under your eyes. Likewise, a bottle of wine might seem like a good idea after a few stressful days in the last month before you get married, but the extra calories will show in your last gown fitting. Alcohol can also slow down your digestive system to make you look puffy and thin your blood for an overall red glow. These are two things to avoid increasing before your big day!

Makeup Changes

Consultations are the time for you to experiment and explain your makeup vision to your makeup artist. Once you’ve decided, don’t change your mind at the last minute! Your makeup artist will likely have taken notes on your original ideas and will have brought the necessary tools for that look. Although they are prepared for anything, you need to trust them. Your makeup needs to last, but it also needs to look good in all sorts of lighting and for all cameras, video recordings, camera phones – you name it. They will have taken this into consideration, along with the style of your gown and accessories and your hairstyle, age, skin type and skin tone. 

Avoid these classic beauty blunders in the weeks before your wedding, and everyone will be able to see the same vision you have of your perfect bridal beauty look!


by Ashley Victoria

Sourced from Ashley Victoria Productions

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