First comes love, then comes marriage. Before you actually walk down that aisle and say “I Do,” though, there are a tonne of things you need to pick and choose if you want that fairytale wedding.

Most girls start imagining their weddings at a really young age. Unfortunately, that fantasy usually only showcases the end result and skips every headache and argument in between. There is a lot of work and research that needs to happen before the dream is realized!

Don’t worry, this is where professionals come in. They listen and help you get exactly what you want (within reason). For many, interviewing planners to find out exactly how they can help you can be tedious, but most people don’t ever think of a planner interviewing them as well. These planners want to know every last detail about your dream wedding so your day and their jobs go as smoothly as possible.

Dina Shikhman from Hand in Hand Weddings has been kind enough to give me an inside look at what she requires from clients when planning their special day.

An Approximate Budget

Knowing what kind of budgetary restrictions a couple has is integral in beginning the wedding planning process. There is no wrong answer when it comes to a budget; it doesn’t have to be a case of the bigger, the better! This will be used as a guide to figure out suitable venues and vendors.


A wedding planner is there to help you ensure that the greatest day of your life goes exactly as you always imagined it would. Naturally, trusting your wedding planner is essential for this to work.


Every couple wants to be involved in their own way. Some will take a large role, where others may prefer to hand over the reins entirely. It is important to discuss your involvement in planning with your planner up front to avoid any miscommunication.

Non-Negotiable Details

Every couple has certain things that their wedding absolutely MUST have. For some, this may be an outdoor ceremony or even a certain type of flower in the bouquets. Your planner will need to know what that one thing is – and then everything possible can be done to make it happen.


It is vital to communicate your needs and desires with your planner so that they can understand how you envision things going on your special day. When is the wedding? Where will the ceremony be? Where will the reception be? How many guests? Whatever your plans are, remember that communication is key!


by Bianca Guarnaccia


Featured Image: Xero Digital – Jessica and Luke

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